Because of the Iranian Orchards which are famous for their taste and quality, Takdaneh company established one of the highest quality of fruit juice concentration facilities in north west of Iran (East Azerbaijan) , we process different local products like Pomegranate , Sour Cherry,  organic Red Grape, Peach, Apricot, Clear and cloudy apple, Bal Berry, Cranberry, Beetroot, Strawberry and Kiwi. Each fruit does have different agents for flavor , color, taste , thickness and vitamins which are sensitive and maltreatment of them will result in low quality fruit concentrates, thanks to 30 years’ experience Takdaneh knows the best quality raw materials and the most professional way of processing them , that is why Takdaneh does have huge export of fruit concentrates in bulk packaging to developed countries like most of European countries , America, , Canada ,Australia , Japan, Russia and south Korea . for more details of available concentrates and purees contact